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Select from an extensive range of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that are available to assist you in crafting various elements such as social media advertisements, hero sections, and blog posts.

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I would like to write a detailed piece about the multifaceted topic of sustainable urban planning, exploring its ecological, social, and economic dimensions. This will involve delving into specific strategies, case studies, and the potential benefits and challenges associated with creating environmentally friendly, socially equitable, and economically vibrant cities.

Generate AI content

Utilizing our expertly trained AI, we swiftly analyze your provided information and effortlessly produce distinctive, human-like content in mere seconds. This efficient process ensures you receive high-quality, tailored content to meet your needs, saving you time and effort in content creation.


Localy is the perfect solution for you!

Localy is a tool for making unique, engaging, and high-quality copy or material that is powered by artificial intelligence.

Using Localy, you can quickly make content for a wide range of uses, from blog posts to posts on social media. You can also make content for websites, emails, blogs, and more with Localy. You can make content in minutes with Localy instead of spending hours writing and editing.

Advanced AI technology is used by Localy to make material that fits your needs. It can make content in any tone, from formal to relaxed, so you can use it to make content that matches the voice and style of your brand. Localy is also very simple to use.

Edit AI Text Easily

Just a few clicks are all it takes to change AI text. Our tool, which is based on AI, has you covered. With its easy-to-use design, you can make changes to your text quickly and get it just right.

Latest AI technology

GPT-4 AI is very advanced; it's natural, one-of-a-kind, and even artistic. No other model of language comes close!

Generate AI Images by Using Text

With just a few clicks, you can turn your words into beautiful AI pictures. With just a few lines of text, you can make an image that is unique and interesting in no time.

Branded Custom Voices​

Connect and engage across all your customer touchpoints, with exclusive, humanlike branded voices using AI Localy.

AI is better than ever before

Groundbreaking Content Solution

New ground is being broken by GPT-4 AI-powered language model content solutions, which produce content indistinguishable from articles authored by humans. The technology provides a cost-effective approach to help you quickly and easily establish your blog or business website, and the material is original and entertaining.

Our potent AI-driven content tool gives your company the edge because the rules have changed.

Localy Features

Blog Titles

Enhance your blog's appeal by crafting engaging titles effortlessly using this tool. Bid farewell to dull blog headings, as this resource helps generate catchy ones that captivate readers.

Blog Section

Explore a Key Topic: In this section of our article, we delve into a pivotal subject, shedding light on its significance and relevance. Through detailed analysis and insightful discussion, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of this crucial aspect of our topic.

Blog Ideas

Unlock Your Article Writing Potential: Discover the ultimate tool to kickstart your journey towards crafting outstanding articles. Generate fresh and imaginative ideas for your upcoming posts, paving the way for captivating content creation.

Blog Intros

Craft an Intriguing Introduction: Design an opening that irresistibly draws your visitors deeper into the heart of your article, leaving them eager to explore more.

AI Voice Cloning

AI-Powered Voice Cloning: Harness the technology that enables voice replication, allowing you to produce top-tier, lifelike text-to-speech audio effortlessly.

Welcome Email

Crafting welcoming email messages tailored to your valued customers is a pivotal aspect of effective communication and relationship building. These emails serve as the initial point of contact, setting the tone for your brand's interactions.


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How does Localy work?

Our platform uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to analyze your input and generate high-quality content based on your needs. You select the type of content you need and provide a few keywords or prompts, and our AI will take care of the rest!

Is the content from Localy original?

Localy content is your go-to source for 100% original, trustworthy, and copy-paste-ready material. Plagiarism tests report an awe-inspiring 99.99% unique score. Want to be sure for yourself? We've even incorporated Copyscape, the world's leading plagiarism checker, right inside Localy Docs. Don't take the risk – take the write!

What kind of AI engine is Localy using?

Localy uses several top AI systems. ChatGPT - GPT-4, GPT-3.5-turbo, Ada AI, Babbage AI, Curie AI, Davinci AI, Dall-E2 AI, Stable Diffusion and more…

Will Google Penalize AI-generated content?

If you want to create AI content that won't be flagged as spam by Google, the best approach is to guide the AI through the process. By providing step-by-step instructions, you can help the AI generate content that is useful to humans and optimized for search engine algorithms. This way, you can ensure that the content is of the highest professional standard.

How do I use Localy to generate images?

Enter a textual description of the image you want to generate, and AI Generator X will use Dall-E to create an image based on your input.

Do you offer a trial plan?

Yes! Our trial plan provides users with 1000 characters, 19 use case templates, and 5 text-generated images with Localy . This allows you to test out the features and capabilities of our service before committing to a paid subscription. Sign up to start your trial today!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription and stop the monthly payment process through the control panel. If you terminate your subscription before the monthly renewal date, you can use the service until the renewal date.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

What is your refund policy?

We let everyone try all our features and keep using our product for free for as long as they want, with no obligation to upgrade. Unfortunately, once you have subscribed to the premium plan, we can not issue a refund, which might lead to potential misuse and abuse of our services. In the past, we have seen many cases of service abuse where customers would generate a lot of content for their one-off needs and cancel the plan, leaving us with a massive bill. We incur costs from OpenAI for every generation and hence need to have specific policies in place to sustain ourselves.

What happens when the number of words available in my account runs out?

If you use the words available in your monthly or annual plan before the renewal date, the service will stop, and you will have two options: either renew your subscription to the same monthly plan or upgrade your account and subscribe to a larger plan.