AI Speech-to-Text

Transcribe with Precision and Efficiency

In a world where spoken words carry tremendous value, efficient transcription is the key to unlocking the treasure trove of information embedded in audio content. Localy's AI Speech-to-Text service empowers you to effortlessly convert spoken language into accurate and accessible text, whether you're transcribing interviews, meetings, lectures, or any other form of audio content.

How does it work?

Start writing in 3 easy steps


Optimize the AI Voiceover Studio: Input language, voice type, style, and effects for a tailored audio solution.


Customize AI Voiceover output by editing pacing, tone, and more for a tailored audio solution.


Export the final AI Voiceover, incorporating edits, for seamless integration into projects or content.

Experience the Efficiency of AI Speech-to-Text

Localy’s AI Speech-to-Text service empowers you to make the most of your spoken content, unlocking its full potential with precise, efficient, and cost-effective transcriptions. From research to content creation, streamline your workflow and enhance accessibility with AI Speech-to-Text from Localy.

Ready to experience the benefits of AI-driven transcription? Explore our AI Speech-to-Text service today and elevate your audio content to new heights of accessibility and utility.

Accuracy at Scale

Our AI-driven speech recognition technology is engineered to deliver remarkable accuracy even in challenging audio environments. It can decipher multiple speakers, various accents, and complex terminology, ensuring that your transcripts are reliable and error-free.

Rapid Turnaround

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual transcriptions. Localy's AI Speech-to-Text service transcribes your audio content in a fraction of the time it would take a human transcriptionist, allowing you to access your valuable content quickly.


Automating the transcription process with AI eliminates the need for expensive transcription services. Localy offers cost savings while maintaining high-quality results.

Customizable Solutions

Tailor your transcriptions to meet your specific needs. Choose your desired language, punctuation style, and formatting preferences to ensure that the output aligns with your requirements.

Enhanced Accessibility

Make your audio content accessible to a wider audience by providing transcripts. This is especially crucial for online courses, podcasts, webinars, and any content targeting individuals with hearing impairments.


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