Localy.ai is an AI joke generator tool that helps you generate customized, amazing jokes. You can create jokes for any member of your circle, like friends, family members, colleagues, and others. This is specifically built for joke generation and you can create outstanding and cracking jokes with this tool. On the dashboard of Localy, you have 1000 Words, 200 images, 1000 characters, and 10 minutes of free audio credits. All these credits can be used in their free version without paying any extra cost. After testing and getting wonderful results, you can upgrade your plans with us and enjoy your credits of all the above-mentioned features with paid premium assistants.

How to use Localy AI Joke Generator For Creating Jokes?

Using localy.ai is super easy and fun All you need is just to sign up and enjoy creating real fun with this outstanding AI joke tool. Here’s how you can use them.

Click on signup button

After signing up you will see this screen with your name. This is the first interface of localy.ai when you try it first. now go to the AI chat section and click on the icon that is shown in the image. Now you are in the chat section of this tool give your prompt and hit Enter. Now you have ai-generated AI jokes on your hands in the form of its real results. Use them anywhere you want and enjoy the real fun moments of your laughing life with localy.ai. 

What is Localy AI?

Localy.ai is an OpenAi-assisted AI program that can do various tough, funny, and wise jobs for you. You can ask it anything to do it can bring excellent results for you. This Ai program is powerfully designed with multiple backend technicalties like machine learning, customization, GPT 3.5, Image generation, text-to-speech, and other amazing supporting powerful technologies. All these technologies together will show you the real magic in results and final production for your required tasks. 

If you want to enjoy creating and cracking jokes with a strong AI-powered program then look no more than localy.ai where AI chats help you generate jokes with the help of AI tools. You can use this joke generation AI tool for various purposes like night comedy monologue jokes, fine-tuned jokes, original jokes, fun for social media and other wide range of text generation jobs. 

What are Ai Joke Genrators?

Ai Joke Generators are tools powered by artificial intelligence with some specific tasks like joke generation, and the ability to spend some fun time with their users to give them real leisure time. Interacting with such tools can lower your work stress, and boost your physical and mental health. These joke-related AI programs are just like real loyal friends who can give you a helping hand in your tough times with jokes and fun texts. 


Localy.ai comes with multiple super fun features that can enhance your joke-generating experience. 

OpenAI Model GPT 4

This program is built on OpenAI’s GPT 4 Model which means there’s no mess in results because all generated results are coming from a very well-known AI machine learning program specially designed for such jobs. Although this model is not recommended for recent facts and figures when it comes to jokes and fun it can really make you happy. Try it in your rough modes and it will convert them into good ones. 

Image Generation

With this AI model, you can also generate funny images. Just put your thoughts as a prompt and see unbelievable results in the form of fun photos and close-to-real pictures. 

Prompt Templates

The localy.ai is not only generating amazing results on the basis of your prompts but it also helps you in giving you exact result-oriented prompt templates. With a single click on these templates, you can get instant results without wasting your time thinking about the powerful prompts. 

Text To Speech

If you are getting bored and you think reading jokes can make you more moody then just press the text-to-speech button and listen to the same joke from an ai voiceover artist. With this feature, you’ll be able to listen to amazing ai jokes on your devices. 


Localy.ai is a powerful AI joke generator tool created for specific and customized tasks like making your mind relaxed with funny new jokes. With this OpenAI program, you can enjoy your fun moments with other features of this tool like cracking jokes, creating funny images, and generating local and specific jokes with the characters you put in prompts. Keep laughing and enjoy your life with such a fun friend. 

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